We specialize in custom jobs, taking concepts from "plan to production" working with you to turn your blueprints and spec documents into fully developed equipment that does the job you need it to do, working with your deadlines and project requirements.

Our production area is fully equipped with all the elements needed to complete your project successfully under one roof – from a full gantry to complete welding and machining services – we can design, develop, create, test and produce "what you need to succeed".

We have special expertise in the creation and implementation of production line or assembly line systems for any industry.

For all our Mechanical and Machine services, we also provide:


JCV Mechanical and Machine provides onsite training as required by our clients for any system we create, implement or retrofit.


Machinery requires regularly scheduled maintenance, based on seasonal changes, hours of use, or material handling changes. We work with you and your specific industry needs to schedule preventative maintenance based on what makes sense for your industry, and for your production schedule. We want to minimize down-time and maximize your productivity.


When you need an on-site technician to repair malfunctioning equipment onsite - our 24 hour On Call service department provides emergency service to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

  • JCV Mechanical Compressor Services
    JCV Mechanical Compressor Services
    Gardner Denver Distributor for MB and NW Ont
  • JCV Mechanical Welding Services
    JCV Mechanical Welding Services
    Adding value with
    in-house welding expertise
  • JCV Mechanical Fabrication Services
    JCV Mechanical Fabrication Services
    Component cutting, shaping, and assembly

  • JCV Mechanical Millright Services
    JCV Mechanical Millright Services
    Maintaining and constructing industrial machinery
  • JCV Mechanical Machining Services
    JCV Mechanical Machining Services
    Turning, drilling, boring, milling, lathing

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