Variable Speed & Fixed Speed Compressors

There are fixed speed machines, and there are variable speed machines. Both kinds of compressors have differences in how they operate.

With a fixed speed compressor, the motor runs constant, at one speed.

For example, this machine will sit, and it will run all the time at a certain RPM. If somebody needs some air during the plant time, the inlet valve will open up a little bit. If they don’t need air, the inlet valve closes. It doesn’t actually ramp the motor up and down, it just uses a flutter. A variable speed machine will use a variable speed, or VFD drive, which allows the motor to actually ramp up and down, allowing for energy savings.

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Variable Speed Compressors

Breathable Air Products/Systems

Breathing Air
Breathing Air

For over 10 years we have been the breathing air system supplier to fire and safety, recreational and professional divers, Hospitals, marine, offshore and defense industries across Manitoba.

At JCV mechanical we offer several different compressor models to meet your specific breathing air system needs.

Mako breathing air systems are trusted in the municipal fire, industrial safety, dive and government markets worldwide. Their products prove to be durable and dependable in industries where the air you breathe allows no risk of contamination.

CA Series oil less compressor
Breathing Air
Breathing Air Module
Modular Breathing Air Center
Horizontal Breathing Air
Watercooled Packages

Oil Free/Oil less Compressors

CA Series oil less compressor

CA Series

CA Series ES

CA Series ES



V & W Series

V & W Series

The CA-Series Rotary Scroll compressors provide the reliable, high quality compressed air that you've come to expect from Champion. Designed specifically for industrial and laboratory applications that require 100% oil-less air. CA-Series compressors offer a wide selection of configurations and top-quality available options.

Oil-less reciprocating compressors from Champion are known world-wide for trouble-free operation, long life and built-in efficiencies you can count on. An ideal solution in intermittent duty applications, the oil-less reciprocating products offered through Champion are a great solution to your oil-less compressed air needs.

Medical Air Solutions

Serving our clients across Manitoba with critical clean and safe air compressed solutions since 2000

For a complete range of world-class rotary screw, reciprocating, centrifugal and portable compressors as well as compressed air treatment and accessories, we have the innovative answer to industry's compressed air demand.




A sterile environment is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. So when it comes to compressed air, only oil-free will do. Any contaminates in compressed air, such as oil, can cause process disruptions, production shutdowns, and expensive product recalls - not to mention the cost to company reputation. So manufacturers can take no chances, demanding the highest quality of air at all times… without question.

Typical uses of compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry include:

Process air — air used in direct contact with products for cleaning, aeration and product moving

Control valves & cylinders — to control equipment used in the manufacturing process

Material handling — Fluid pumping systems are operated by compressed air in volatile environments without the risk of explosion

Nitrogen generation — air is filtered via a membrane to produce nitrogen

Air curtains — air is used as a curtain to create a safe and clean area

Product drying — air is mixed with products to accelerate the drying process.

Vacuum Pumps and Blowers

The Vacuum Pumps and Blowers Division of the Industrial Group offers a unique choice of technologies At JCV Mechanical, we offer a variety of Vacuum and Blowers call us for your custom quote

Vacuum Pumps

We offer the following vacuum pumps:

Liquid Ring



Rotary Vane


We offer the following products for the best in positive displacement and regenerative blowers:

Radial Fans

Side Channel Blowers

Rotary Lobe Blowers

Customer service is our priority

Complete Custom Installations

Because every project is unique, JCV Mechanical offers a multitude of different options and configurations in order to suit your specific needs. Call us for free evaluation of your compressed air needs by dialing 204 224 4036

Parts and Services

More than 17 years of experience in the industry helps us with a real understanding of what customers exactly want and need. That keen, insight and knowledge helps us to provide you with one of the industry's leading parts and service programs for all of your compressed air, blower and vacuum needs.

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